Misses, Misses, Misses! Yes, I Mean Misses!

19 Oct

Misses, Misses, Misses!  Yes, I Mean Misses!  I have been missing deer like crazy!  I really do hope I am the only one out there in Okie Boys Outdoors Land that has been doing that!  First, I shot over the back of a doe at 25 yards, then I missed my shot at a 140″ 10 point buck named Lucky, that I waited 3 hours in the cold rain on, and then I put a bad shot on a slick head 2 nights ago!

Here is my self-subscribed remedy…practice in the back yard and then keep taking my shot opportunities that God blesses me with!  I WILL SURVIVE!!!

OH, AND I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE IN THE DEER STAND!!!!!  It is an honor and privilege to hunt this great state of Oklahoma!


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Posted by on October 19, 2011 in Oklahoma Hunting


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