The Ultimate Protector

14 Sep

Over the past few weeks, the boys here at Okie Boys Outdoors have been feverishly working to get our deer hunting spots set up; after all season opens in just over 2 weeks.  Oklahoma hunting is fun and exciting and there isn’t much that can take that feeling away.  But if anything can I would credit it to chigger bites and ticks!

A few weeks ago I headed out to the field for a little pre-season scouting.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to get out to the area where you will be hunting and really give it a good looking over.  You need to know where the bedding spots are, where the water is and where the main food source for your deer is.  A few great articles by Okie Boy Chris Carlisle on successful scouting can be found at either: Early Season Deer Hunting Success Tip #1 or Early Season Deer Hunting Success Tip #2.  While in the process of scouting my area, I neglected to take the necessary precautions for guarding myself from all those biting bugs.  Needless to say I was suffering the next day!  I had a total count of 62 chigger bites and tad bit of poison ivy on my lower arms; it was not pretty!  I have spent the last two weeks taking baths in bleach and using finger nail polish to smother the little buggers.  But this experience hasn’t slowed me down on my scouting or set up process.  There is still much work to be done, so I headed back into the field a few days ago to check my cameras, put out more corn and to plant a small food plot.  This time I learned my lesson and pulled out my Rynoskin compression suit.

I am always skeptical of any product that says it is able to keep the bugs off, but can I tell you, RYNOSKIN worked!!  I have found no new chigger bites, no ticks and really because it is long sleeved and long pants I didn’t even get any new poison ivy.  This stuff is for real!  Several of my hunting buddies that I have gone out with have seen the results of my Rynoskin suit and are looking into purchasing one for themselves.  It really works; but don’t just take my word for it, save yourself from the biting bugs and all the itching and killing that has to happen afterwards and go get you one.  They are relatively inexpensive and in the long run well worth the investment!



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