Treestand of the Week!

04 Aug

I’d like to take a moment and tell you about a relatively new tree stand out on the market.  It is called the  SwiveLimb.  It is made right here in this great state of Oklahoma in Tecumseh!  Steve Quisenberry is the owner of this great company and has been a huge blessing to get to know!  He is a hard working and honest man, and it shows how he handles his business.  On top of all of that he has engineered a very much needed and unique tree stand that will allow you as a hunter to set up in just about any tree.  Here in Oklahoma we are covered from border to border will crooked cottonwoods and elm trees!  We all know how hard it is to set up a tree stand in one of these types of trees that are as crooked as a Washington politician!  We also know that despite that, these trees are sometimes in the perfect place to ambush that big buck that you’ve seen on your trail cameras or through your spotting scope!  SwiveLimb Treestands are the perfect solution for this problem.  For more information on these tree stands check them out on their web site at or call them at (859) 881-0846.  Go HERE to see these awesome tree stands in action!

They are represented by:

– Ted Nugent

– Jay Gregory of the Wild Outdoors

– JKT Just Killing Time Television


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