Tips on Archery Tackle: Accessories

26 Jun

Alright, so now that you have a bow what do you put on it? I’m going to try to give you some ideas and things to think about as you are selecting accessories to put on your new bow. There is really no order in picking accessories, but the three main accessories you will need to start shooting are your rest, sight, and release.

Lets take a look at the rest first. After determining what your plans are with the bow (i.e. hunting, target shooting, or both) this will help in picking a rest. There are several great rest on the market, so lets look at a few. I’m a hunter so I look for a rest that will be of best use in hunting situations. I prefer a full containment rest so that way I don’t ever have to worry about my arrow falling off. So full containment rest are: NAP Apache, QAD Ultra-rest, Octane Hostage, Whisker Biscuit, Ripcord Arrow Rest, and Trophy Taker Smack Down. Each of these rest have different features and different price ranges to fit any budget.

Now lets take a look at the sight. Again remember what you are budgeted for. There are many great sights today on the market and tons of features to choose from. There are two basic types of sights, the single pin designs and the multiple pin design. Personally I prefer the multiple pin design for hunting because I don’t have to worry about moving my sight pin back and forth before the shot. Also one thing I like that a lot of sights are coming out with now are the .010 pin sizes. Before you were limited to either .029 or .019 pin sizes. With the new .10 pin size you can see more of your target at longer distances, which is very nice!

Next is the release. There are several designs to choose from and it is all personal preference. I like the wrist strap releases. I look for a strap that is comfortable to shot several times and that I can strap it in the same spot every time like a buckle strap. Some trigers are more sensitive than others so like I said before it’s all personal preference. Some good release companies that have been around and know what they are doing are Tru-Fire, T.R.U. Ball, and Scott Archery.

Now lets look at a stabilizer. With todays bows you could get away without one, but if you are looking to get one there are somethings to think about. You’ll want something that takes a lot of vibration out of the bow when shot, this will help keep your bow silent. Also if you are like me, I prefer something that’s modular so I can tinker with it. Moving weight back and forth so I can see what feels best to me as I shot.

With all these accessories you can customize your bow just how you like it! I hope this information helps in the purchase of your bow accessories.


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