Tornado Devastation

25 May

Yesterday: May 25, 2011, Tornadoes ripped through the state of Oklahoma.  Innumerable people were impacted by the the F4 whirlwinds that whipped through the state.  It is in times like these where many people find that their fear meets their faith.  When disasters hit where do people turn?  When things get out of control what is their stability?  When their greatest fears rise up and grab them what is the power that helps them to be set free?  Yesterday was one of those days for many Oklahomans.

Will you join us in praying for the hurting, the homeless, those who have lost family, those who have lost pets, those who were extremely affected emotionally by these severe storms?  We, Okie Boys, are dedicated to begging God to minister to the lives of those impacted, and we want to help how ever we can.  If you or someone you know needs anything, please do not hesitate to contact us

May God bless you and yours through this difficult time!  We are here and we are praying!

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