Okie Boy Chris’ Turkey Season Update!!!

21 Apr

So far this season I have encountered hundreds of long-legged turkeys.  Yes, I did say long-legged.  They are so long-legged that they have reached high enough to kick me square in the rear!  They have kicked my Okie Boy bootie!  I have really been enjoying the 2011 season despite the fact that I have not killed a turkey yet.  I have had the privilege of hunting with friends and some great youth!  The fellowship has been great but those turkeys have given me a run for my money!  I have been so close but still too far away.  I have had them coming only to see them hang up.  I have had the hens up close but the toms on the edge of death.  It has been tough.  But I’m an Okie Boy and I will prevail!

Here is my observation of the problem I have run in to so far.  There have not been enough hens bred yet.  On average I have seen 10-20 hens per tom.  It has nearly been impossible to call them in; and I can totally understand this.  Why would a gobbler leave 10-20 hens to come check out the one that is wooing him in 100 yards away?  He doesn’t need to leave his group of ladies for one more.  But the good news is, is that I have begun seeing more and more hens all by themselves, indicating that they have been bred.  The more that have been bred the more likely that old tom will come investigate that lonely hen that’s holding a 12 gauge, ready to deliver a magnum load of 5 shot right into his bright red waddle!  So, for now I have only been close to sealing the deal.  But soon I will be close to a turkey dinner!  OKIE BOYS CAN SURVIVE!!!


2 responses to “Okie Boy Chris’ Turkey Season Update!!!

  1. whitney

    April 25, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    Dont let those thunder chickens get ya down! I heard through the grapevine about a place you can go for elk.

    • thechriscarlisle

      April 27, 2011 at 7:37 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement! I have downed a double beared gobbler since I wrote this blog so he has gotten better. Thank goodness! And what is the word on the elk hunting place? It would be awesome to get an elk on film!


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