Turkey Hunting: The Money Maker

28 Mar

Turkey season is 9 days away here in the great state of Oklahoma and these Okie Boys couldn’t be more excited!  And as it draws near this Okie Boy (@rustymcmullen) is pulling out my gear, freshening up my calling, and oiling the gun.  With all this preparation I’ve been thinking, if you’re anything like me choosing which gun and or bow to purchase for the hunt is a difficult decision, and still further if you are like me, on a poor man’s budget, you can’t afford a gun for every different game you hunt; so how do you make sure you are choosing the right one?  Well here are a few tips to help you make that VERY important decision and not break your bank.



While there are a great number of elements that go into hunting and better still taking a Gobbler, probably the most essential tool to the hunt is the weapon.  With so many options available for different guns and bows on the market it will be essential for you to make the right choice about which one you will head to the field with.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your Money Maker:


The instinct is to think that just because it’s bigger or more expensive means that it must be better.  And while it is true the more money you are able to spend on your weapon, the more quality you may gain, but just because the weapon you are choosing may be less in cost doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality product.  Most companies that design and develop weapons don’t want to put their mighty name on a crappy product.  These companies understand the value of customer approval and they will design their low end weapons to keep up just under the high end weapons.  Therefore you need to purchase in your price range!  Be wise with your money and purchase something that can get you into the sport and then move from their in the future after saving up.  This will also give you a chance to develop a better sense of what type of gun will fit you best for your future high end purchase.  Lastly don’t be pressured into buying, it’s your money make it right for your budget!


You wouldn’t go spend good money on wranglers that are 6 sizes to small (well women might) thinking some day I will be this size, you buy for what you need and what fits.  It’s the same when purchasing a gun.  You need to shop around, do your research and know what is available.  When holding the gun ask yourself questions like, does it feel to heavy?  Does it fit your shooting length?  Does it feel like a natural extension of your line of sight and your reach?  Can I hold this thing for an extended period of time or does it get to shaky?  Does the gun fit you?  Spend time shopping, don’t rush into a purchase, be picky, again it’s your money you have the right to be.


There are many, many more extras that you need to evaluate when selecting a gun.  Do you want camo pattern?  Do you want synthetic or wood stock?  What barrel length are you looking for?  Do you want a side-by-side, single barrel or an over-under?  Do you want pump or semi-automatic?  Many guns offer chokes at purchase some don’t, which chokes do you need for your style of hunting?  There are so many other extras you must consider, again this is why it is so important for you to do your homework and evaluate your needs as well as your wants.
I would challenge you to sit down with someone you trust that knows about shotguns and ask them for their advice, most dealers are good at giving you details but they also usually have a specific weapon they push harder than others.  Go to your grand-pa that has been hunting for years and ask his opinion, send an Okie Boy an e-mail and ask our opinion, get a non-biased opinion and use that information to make a wise decision for you.

And as season draws near, think through all your opening day needs, get them ready and go take the Gobbler of your life!  Happy hunting and God Bless!



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