The Most Important Tool To Successful Turkey Hunting…Boots!

23 Mar

Good boots are a necessity for every serious turkey hunter!  I don’t care how good of a caller you are, or how well your shotgun shoots; if you’re not able to walk or run to those gobblers, you won’t get a kill.  I learned this lesson PAINFULLY well last spring.  I’ve worn the same pair of boots for the last five or six years.  The first year they were great, the next few years they were ok, but last year was a whole different story!
I was asked by a friend of mine to guide a few men and their son/grandson on a turkey hunt, and I said, “Sure!”  It was going to be a slam-dunk hunt.  We set up right on the roost with the decoys out in front of us, and the birds were gobbling from the tree!  It looked awesome, until one of them saw us from the roost.  The hens flew down in front of us, but the toms we were after went the other direction.  Needless to say, that was not what we wanted!  Not even close.  That’s when the work began!  We sat there awhile, and tried to call them back to us; but, they would have none of it.  We spent the next six hours chasing those rascals all over kingdom come!  We walked several miles in hot pursuit, one painful foot in front of the other!  My feet were killing me!  At noon we were back at the cabin empty-handed from the mornings “slam-dunk” hunt!  It was more like “we went for the slam, and the ball slammed right on the front of the rim” hunt!  My ego and feet were busted!  My old boots had given me the worst beating I’d had since my dad got a hold on me when I was 14!  After that day, I determined that I was going to research, ask questions, Google, and whatever else it took to find out what the over-all best hunting boot on the market was.

Here is what I came up with…the Danner Pronghorn.  I’d seen them advertised, but was skeptical to advertising.  I’d seen them marketed by the professional hunters on TV, but I was cynical to marketing.  I didn’t want professional opinions; I wanted a working-man’s opinion.  So, I talked to my father-in-law.  He’s a hardworking man who puts in long hours every day welding and doing carpentry work.  He’s also an avid hunter!  When he was younger, he had horrible foot problems.  He had it surgically repaired, but it never was the same.  Every pair of boots rubbed him raw, until the day he bought a pair of Danner Pronghorns.   The wounds on his feet are no longer there, and he walks around with a lot less foot pain, now!  So, I took the workingman’s advice, and bought myself a pair of Danner Pronghorn GXT boots (No, they are not one of our sponsors…YET!)!

Please, do yourself a huge favor by investing in a great pair of Danner Pronghorn GXT boots; so, you won’t have to experience the foot misery that I did!  Go, run down some gobblers!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I’m going to do with my old boots.  I’m going to clean the garage out in them this weekend!


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