Coyote Hunting Tips

14 Mar

The coyote is a crafty predator that is tough to hunt.  They are wise and weary creatures.  It is essential when hunting them to be on top of your game!  I thought I would give you a few simple tips about coyote hunting that might help you get your dog next time you are out.  Comment and let us know what tips you have that can help others coyote hunt as well.

Make Scents!

I can’t stress enough the importance of always watching where your scent will head.  The coyote will always, if possible come from down wind of your scent.  It is imperative to mask your scent with any and all precautions possible.  The wind direction will help you determine where to set up while hunting coyotes.

Concealment Kills!

In addition to a great sense of smells, coyotes also have a great sense of sight.  You will want to conceal every part of your body well, including your face and hands.  It is also important to conceal anything that might shine or glisten.  When filming our coyote hunts we always make sure to hide the tripod and camera well using camo tape or flat black spray paint.  Conceal, conceal, conceal!

Over Think!

Coyote Taken In Holdenville OK

Above most other things I have learned with coyote hunting the most important is to always over think your set up.  Coyotes are very smart!  If they have ever been called before and busted you, you will more than likely never be able to call that same coyote in again.  They are weary and have a great memory.  As you get into the field use your brain, do everything in your power to set up in such a way as to conceal your presence.

These are just a few beginning reminders about coyote hunting for you to think about.  In the future I will bring you some more great tips about hunting coyotes as to give you the best opportunity to have success.  I encourage you to get out there and try these things for yourself, hunting is about learning.  Be willing to adjust and readjust as needed and learn what you can about each game you hunt and you will have a great time in the field.  Happy hunting and God Bless!


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