A Few Filming Tips

07 Mar

Whether your endeavor is to design the best hunting show ever created or just to catch your kill on film for your family and friends there are a few things I (Pro-Staffer, Rusty McMullen) have learned that will make your video be a much better experience with a great quality of filming.

#1 Charge the Battery!

And there it is!  Your initial response to this statement would probably be DUH! Realistically you don’t realize how quickly the battery will go dead.  I firmly recommend having not just one fully charged battery but several.  The worst situation you could be in is to have that 160 class buck walk out just to realize that your battery goes dead as you prepare to shot.  That is a sick feeling!

#2 Get a GOOD Tripod!

Trust me, spend the extra money and buy a good tripod!  This will save you hours of frustration and a huge headache while you’re in the field trying to get your shot.  The tripod should be a natural extension of the camera, easy to adjust, sturdy legs, and smooth motion.  This is an investment and just like any other, the more you spend the better quality you will get!

#3 Catch the Reaction!

Be sure to catch the reaction of the hunter after a kill or a miss.  This is a vital part of telling the story!  It is no good to get the heart pounding promise of the shot and not the full reaction of release when that arrow or bullet fires off.  Whether it is the disappointment of a 10 yard bow miss, or the satisfaction and excitement of a 450 yard drop kill, catch what the hunter does as that release takes place!  Your viewers will feel way more apart of the action and the hunt with this footage!

In the end whether your hunting for trophy footage or beginning hunting, follow these simple steps to a better quality show for all your viewers.  And please be sure to always respect the animal, make your kills clean, honor it’s life and thank God for the provision of it’s meat!  Happy Hunting!


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2 responses to “A Few Filming Tips

  1. heyBJK

    March 8, 2011 at 4:39 am

    Excellent tips, Rusty! I wonder how many people have had a dead battery in their camera and didn’t realize it until it was time to use it? Numerous, I’m sure. It sounds like a simple thing, but it’s often the simple things we need reminded about.

    • okieboys

      March 8, 2011 at 10:12 pm

      Thanks HeyBJK! Thanks for all your support! I know I have done it a time or two!


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