18 Feb

Besides displaying the Oklahoma hunting at it’s best Okie Boys Outdoors also has a passion to partner with great businesses in the state of Oklahoma that are doing it right for the future of our sport.  Since our start less than two weeks ago we have already been blessed to come in contact with one of these great companies.  Native Calls is doing it right in the duck call society!  We have pulled a great “About Us” quote straight from their site so that you can better know who they are and what they stand for:

“We are the new kids on the block. A father and a son doing something that they enjoy and would do anyways. That’s what Native Duck Call Company is all about. It’s more than a hunt to us, it’s a family tradition that we hope we can pass down to the next generation. We started making handcrafted calls for family and friends. We just enjoy the process of making something from nothing. The time in the shop together, the smell of the wood, and the tools in your hands. It’s an intoxicating pastime that many a waterfowlers from times gone by have enjoyed. At Native we still believe that there is a place in this generation for traditional hand crafted calls. Calls that love and quality have been poured into and we want to share this tradition with you. We’re trying to build more than some duck calls, we’re trying to build a legacy! Come and join us.”

Okie Boys Outdoors is proud to declare our first sponsorship and partnership with such a reputable company as Native Calls.  You can find a link to their twitter page, web-page and facebook page at our Sponsor Tab.  In the very near future we look forward to joining with Native Calls in the field for a few Oklahoma duck hunts, but for now we will be practicing our calling art with “The Alpha” “The Pastime” and “The Legend.”  Native Calls we salute you and look forward to Oklahoma hunting with you for years to come!

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Posted by on February 18, 2011 in OK Duck Hunting, Oklahoma Hunting, Sponsors


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