18 Feb

Okie Boys Outdoors is proud to announce our newest sponsor and partner in Oklahoma hunting and conservation RYNOSKIN!

“The idea for RYNOSKIN ™ was first conceived in 1987. While in military training, learning to set ambushes and provide ground defense for a parked aircraft in austere conditions, the need arose for complete protection against insects. Insect repellents were used, but ticks and chiggers still infiltrated all of the personnel. It was absolutely impossible to just sit perfectly still and quiet, when you could see insects and bugs crawling all over your body. The soldiers tried to tape shut all of the openings in their clothing, but to no avail. There had to be a better way!!  In 1992, a group of people totally infested with ticks and chiggers while fishing private ponds in Warsaw, MO. They tried everything, insect repellent, netting and even Skin-so-sof, but those pesky insect just kept biting and invading these peoples bodies. Needless to say, the bass were hungry,but the bugs were starving. That’s when a good named Glen O. Kirby stated that if there was something on the market that would protect him from those “little critters”, he would run out and buy one immediately. This wise gentleman, unknowingly, provided the final push required to bring RYNOSKIN to the American market.”

Swing by and check out RYNOSKIN’s web-page by clicking on Okie Boys Sponsor Tab. We would highly recommend their products, whether you are hunting, hiking, fishing, camping or just working in your yard to help keep all kinds of nasty bugs off ya.  Check them out for your self and see why Okie Boys Outdoors will never head out into the field again with out our RYNOSKIN on!


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